DisUnited States of America

#FreedomOfSpeech? FreedomOfThePress? #LetScienceSpeakForItself? Not for the #SoCalledPresidentTrump. After all i still hope though it is not true that he really is a president, as it might be #FakeNews as he always says, right? Just watched the #DailyFakeNewsShow the last few days. Even during those tragic days, this guy seems even more dangerous:

„Who (are) you with?“ is his standard answer to reporters who ask questions he dislikes, this time he hits the Associated Press (AP), watch it here: https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4866315/user-clip-trump-asked-ap-story

Trump’s Antwort auf #CNN = #FakeNews

„And only CNN would ask that question. FakeNews.“ Wow.

Science? Don’t have time for this, right…

Why not let science speak for itself? Why are you promoting this drug? Because he is Trump.

Trump is the best, defined by himself.

Trump is right – always, right? Is he?

BTW, #FakeNews was defined more or less clearly by him, just AP seems to be new on the list…:

And watch this „Last Week Tonight“ by John Oliver, which summarizes very well the real details about #OAN / @OANN – a far right news network in the U.S., it is eye opening if you don’t know about it:

Trump doesn’t like media outlets to much, beside „One America News“ and FoxNews beside a few other right and far right news networks…